Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles N10

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General description
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Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirator 
aspirator-silicone tube, penp 

Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator

Replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator 
nozzles, polypropylene plastic, melamine foam 

Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator

Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator with three interchangeable nozzles is designed to eliminate nasal secretions that disturb a newborn or infant with a runny nose.

Removing mucous discharge from the nose helps prevent complications such as otitis, sinusitis, and coughing. 3 disposable replacement nozzles are attached to the aspirator.

Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator

Designed for use with the Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator (sold separately). The anatomical shape of the nozzle makes it easy to penetrate the nasal passage of the child, excluding injury. Each nozzle contains an absorbent filter that traps mucous secretions, which guarantees clean and hygienic use.


Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator

As an auxiliary device for removing mucous secretions from the nose of a newborn or infant.

Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator

As an additional equipment to ensure the operation of the nasal Aspirator.


Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator

Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator

Do not use the Aspirator and attachments if you are allergic to the materials that make up the components of the product.

Dosage and administration

Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator

Intranasal. Nasal aspirator is simple and hygienic to use. It helps to restore the child's free breathing.

To facilitate the procedure, before using the Otrivin Baby nasal Aspirator, it is recommended to wash the nose with a saline solution, such as drops or spray from Otrivin Baby.

Method of application

1. Attach the replacement nozzle to the Central part of the aspirator housing.

2. Take the mouthpiece in your mouth (for parents and caregivers) and ins ert the tip in to one of the child's nasal passages. Carefully draw in air with your mouth using regular breaths through the mouthpiece. If the nozzle is filled with secretions between breaths, remove the secret from the nozzle in a napkin by blowing the mouthpiece, or replace the nozzle.

3. Repeat the procedure for another nasal passage of the child.

Disconnect and discard the used nozzle.

In order to maintain hygiene and avoid re-infection, the nozzles should be used only once. Disposable replacement nozzles for the Otrivin Baby aspirator are sold separately.

Otrivin Baby replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator

Used together with a nasal Aspirator (see above).

Special instruction

Please read the information on the packaging carefully before using it.

Do not use a nasal Aspirator if it is damaged or damaged.

Form release

Nasal aspirator with 3 replaceable nozzles. Package includes 1 aspirator complete with 3 replacement nozzles.

Replacement nozzles for nasal aspirator. In a package of 10 PCs.


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The appearance of the product may differ from the photos on the site.

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